• Christine M. Dulla, Esq.

    To whom it may concern:

    Please accept this correspondence to represent my endorsement of Darlene Wheatley as one of the finest real estate agents I have encountered.

    By way of background, my name is Christine Dulla.  My fiancé, Jason Rickard, and I began our house-hunting journey almost one year ago.  We closed on a house mid-September and were able to host Thanksgiving and Christmas for both of our families.  To say that we love our house is an understatement! It is not only a dream come true but a future vision for our family.

    Ms. Wheatley was our real estate agent.  She worked tirelessly in order to find us our new home.  She did this by way of late-night responses to e-mails, independent searches, as well as last minute requests to look at houses.  We were disappointed when four of our offers fell through on properties.  Ms. Wheatley, however, was optimistic and kept us going on our search.  She assured us that our home was out there.  It was not as if she wanted a sale on a house; we truly felt as though Ms. Wheatley wanted us to find a home in which we would be happy and grow.

    As I look around this house, I realize how blessed I am. I am so thankful that Darlene Wheatley was our agent.

  • Susan Humphries,  St. John Knits Store Manager

    “I hired Darlene for a Sales position at St John. She was a pleasure to work with and became part of our team. She always put the client first and always followed up with a Thank you card or a phone call. Darlene is very motivated and and strives for success in all she does.

  • Nance Mattison,  HOA Manager Chesapeake by Del Webb

    “Darlene found the perfect rental home for me in Easton, Md. Being new to the area and a widow, I did not know how to go about finding a nice home in a safe area. I could not find the time to leave my new job to sign the lease so Darlene took the time to bring the paperwork to me. I have recently referred Darlene to two (2)associates needing to find a home in the Easton area.” January 22, 2012
    Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

  • Rick Nelson,  National Property Inspectors

    “As a property inspector, I have had the opportunity to work with Darlene on many occasions over the past ten years. As a professional Realtor, Darlene works hard for her clients and by the time I become involved in the transaction, she seems to have established an excellent rapport and trust with them. She always is well prepared for the home inspection process even as the tasks have become more difficult in this tough market. I look forward to the next ten years with Darlene.” January 22, 2012
    1st Rick Nelson, Owner and Inspector, National Property Inspections

  • CD Atreya, PhD,  Associate Director for Research at US Department of Health and Human Services

    “Darlene is a nice person to work with. She has in-depth knowledge about the areas she covers as a real estate agent. She is an enthusiastic agent who takes interest in knowing what your needs and specifications are, as a buyer and shows those properties that fit your taste. My wife and I enjoyed working with her.” January 21, 2012
    Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time
    1st CD Atreya hired Darlene as a Real Estate Agent in 2011, and hired Darlene more than once

  • Hugh Smith,  Coldwell Banker Chesapeake Broker

    “I've had the priviledge to work with Darlene for several years in Real Estate Brokerage. Darlene is one of the most knowlegeable and hard working asosciates I have.” April 30, 2009
    1st Hugh Smith, Branch Vice-President, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
    managed Darlene at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

  • BHarper

    Darlene was very patient and flexible throughout our home search and buying process, which spanned several years as we looked for a unique property. She offered honest, experienced in-sight and quick answers to our questions. The negotiation and purchase process went very smooth also. I would be glad to work with Darlene again, and would highly recommend her to anyone.

  • Harreba

    Darlene Wheatley is a perfect agent. She was always responsive to my questions and easy to gat hold of . She went out of her way for the settlement by transporting me there and back, and was always willing to answer any concerns that I had in the course of the sale. She was a true friend. I would highly recommend Darlene

  • SForrest

    A network of connections, honesty, communication skills, understanding of local market, and engaging personality are the characteristics of our agent Darlene Wheatley. We send her a huge thank you for working with us in selling a property in Dorchester County. This is the second property she has worked with us in selling and our agent of choice.

  • MBlades

    Darlene is wonderful! She is very concerned with helping you find the right fit for your family and their needs. She was very patient with me while looking, sometimes showing me a home two or three times. She knows which inspections and reports are needed and which are unnecessary, saving you money when preparing for settlement. She only uses the best people to preform these. True professionals just like her. She worked hard for me from start to finish and helped me find a home, not just another house. Thanks

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